Centre for Youth Your Serbia finalizes the project “Safe Youth-Safer Serbia”

Center for Youth Your Serbia finished the project “Safe Youth-Safer Serbia”, implemented in cooperation and under the auspices of the Ministry of Youth and Sport and the International Police Association. With great pleasure, we announce that more than 800 young people from 13 high schools in Serbia participated in workshops on safety. This way, the project surpassed by far our expectations in terms of the number of young people that would be interested in workshops on safety, which says that the need for organization of these and similar workshops is very high. Beside a large number of young people, the workshops were attended by 35 teachers and members of school teams for fight against peer violence. Having said that, we can conclude that the need for organization of these and similar educational activites is prevalent among school staff as well. We have implemented workshops in Leskovac, Nis, Lapovo, Krupanj, Ruma, Becej, Pancevo, Novi Sad, Backa Topola and Bor. The students are very satisfied with the workshops and they expressed the desire to organize more such workshops. Photo gallery can be accessed from below. The project “Safer Youth-Safer Serbia” with the aim to enable young people to acquire the necessary knowledge about the violence that is between them increasingly present, addictions and human (children) trafficking. Through workshops organized in the framework of this project, participants have gained knowledge that will help them to understand correctly the negative and positive social values, but also to improve their personal safety.

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