Our Goals

Centre for Youth Your Serbia allocates all its resources in youth work towards achieving the following goals:

  • Promoting and developing activities that meet the needs and interests of young people in all areas,
  • Protecting the interests of youth,
  • Educating, studying and monitoring youth,
  • Organizing activities in order to increase employability and reduce unemployment of youth,
  • Developing the fields related to the improvement of the social significance of youth, as well as other fields that encourage development of youth,
  • Popularization, directing, supporting youth,
  • Connecting youth,
  • Indicating the public, social and sociological significance of youth,
  • Organizing professional work to educate young people in the areas that are the subject of activity of the Centre,
  • Informing young people and other citizens about the activities and programs for youth as well as about important public events,
  • Working on better informing and empowering of young people,
  • Coordinating domestic and international programs and projects for inclusion and improving the position of young people from marginalized groups,
  • and other activities for youth in all aspects of social life.