Event “Look at Me with Your Heart”

Members of the Home for Children and Youth “Sremcica” make big steps daily. How valuable, creative and persistent they are, they proved at the event “Look at me with your heart” which was organized on November 15, 2014 to mark the International Day for Tolerance, and completion of the project “School of Artistic Skills” implemented by the Center for Youth “Your Serbia” in partnership with the Home “Sremcica” and high school Artimedia, with the support of the Council of Europe.

The event was opened by Suzana Paunovic, Director of the Office for Human and Minority Rights, who pointed out that young people are the most important promoters of the real social value and that the message of tolerance and peace is most purposefully sent through them. “These events are important because they are speaking out on issues of human rights and teach us to live with differences” – said Paunovic.

Director of Home for Children and Youth – “Sremcica” Milka Milovanovic Minic thanked the Centre for Youth Your Serbia, as well as students of Artimedia high school who took part in the project, for recognizing the users of the Home as a target group and for helping them to integrate better into the community through creative workshops and professional support help. She added that after a number of workshops that were carried observed significant progress in all children in the areas of self-advocacy and self-confidence in making new contacts.

The message that the Center for Youth “Your Serbia” wanted to send with this event is that we should try to be open to these children, help them pave the way to our hearts and show that human diversity has value and that it refines us and creates better people.